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Scotland:India Impact Link Launched by Deputy First Minister John Swinney

Scotland:India Impact Link Launched by Deputy First Minister John Swinney

2nd December 2017, Mumbai

We've launched!

The Scotland:India Impact Link has been launched in Mumbai by Scotland's Deputy First Minister, John Swinney.

This new range of support from Scottish Government connects social enterprises in Scotland and India in tackling social and environmental challenges.

Contributing to India’s support ecosystem for social enterprise, in its first year the Scotland: India Impact Link aims to support a small group of social enterprises in India to build their capacity and sustain their impact.

Social enterprises in both Scotland and India use business as a tool for achieving social impact. The scale of social enterprise impact in India is much, much larger than Scotland, but many of the challenges faced in running social enterprises are the same worldwide.

Scotland’s social enterprise support ecosystem is recognised as being one of the best in the world, with sustained strategic investment, procurement and partnership between Scottish Government and a range of organisations for more than 15 years. Through this initiative, Scottish Government is extending its experience to build on its historic links with India.

Social Enterprise Academy International CIC, Managing Director, Sam Baumber, said

“If we’re going to tackle the world’s social and environmental problems, we need to work together. Scotland’s social enterprise sector is keen to offer its experience to support India’s social enterprises, who also face challenges Scotland’s social entrepreneurs have not had to contend with, so there is much we can learn in return”.

“We’re learning by doing, just like any enterprise. We will pilot this first year, learn and adapt to serve India’s social entrepreneurs."

As part of the Scotland: India Impact Link, emerging social enterprises from a select number of incubators in India will be supported to build their organisational sustainability through learning, financial sustainability and international collaboration.

Successful applications will receive direct financial support via a grant, partnering with a Scottish social enterprise mentor to share experiences, and access to leadership development with the Social Enterprise Academy India.

Impact Link is delivered in India by the Mitra Technology Foundation and Social Enterprise Academy India, which is also officially launching at the event held at the Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai. The Social Enterprise Academy has grown as a part of Scotland’s support ecosystem, created by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs and their teams.

Internationalisation is one of the key priorities of Scotland's Economic Strategy. As part of this outlook Scotland is committed to a strong, long-term, bilateral partnership with India.

Scotland’s India Engagement Strategy draws inspiration from the large population of Indian diaspora in Scotland, and the strengths the two countries to build on.

Social enterprise is a key area for building links between the two countries for the future.

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