• Impact Link Team

Scotland:India Impact Link: Fellows and Finalists 2018

The first round of Scotland:India Impact Link received applications from many impressive growing social entrepreneurs from across India, each working hard to achieve positive social change.

Through the application process, social enterprise applicants were assessed on their, potential to create sustained social impact, enterprise track record and ambition, leadership potential including diversity of leadership; and commitment to personal and organizational learning.

On their journey to increased sustainability, 5 Fellows and 12 finalists best suited to receive support from Impact Link were selected:

2018 Fellows

Bleetech Innovations pvt Ltd

Khwaab Welfare Trust

Prosoc Innovators Pvt Ltd


Gramshree Development Services Private Limited


Art of Play Foundation

Association For Equitable Educational Spaces

Cause To Connect Foundation


Edible Routes Private Limited

Foundation of Arts for Social Change in India

I-Saksham Education & Learning Foundation

Mind Piper

riidl foundation


Rural Roots

Training and Educational Centre for Hearing impaired

The Fellows and finalists gathered in Delhi in early May to start their Award in Leadership learning program, delivered by Social Enterprise Academy India.

Through this learning program, they will develop their confidence and knowledge of leadership styles, skills and approaches, and share their leadership challenges and experiences with each other. The Fellows will also shortly be matched with a social entrepreneur from Scotland to receive mentoring support and guidance and share experiences across the two countries.