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Scotland: China Impact Link fellows take part in Enterprising Leadership programme in Beijing

On 15th & 16th April 2019, Impact Link fellows and finalists came together in Beijing to take part in a Social Enterprise Academy ‘Enterprising Leadership’ programme.

There is increasing need for leaders today to be innovative, enterprising and creative, ensuring their organisations can address the different challenges they face and seize new opportunities.

‘Enterprising Leadership’ explores the skills, mind-set and behaviours required to lead in an enterprising and innovative way. The programme aims to enhance leaders’ understanding of what it means to be enterprising and how this approach can support them to achieve their organisations vision, mission and values.

Who are the 2019 Scotland: China Impact Link fellows?

In April 2019, five fellows were selected to receive the Impact Link package of support. This world-class package of support includes; leadership development opportunities, social enterprise connections with peers in China and mentoring from social entrepreneurs in Scotland. Find out more about the social enterprises taking part in the first round of Scotland: China Impact Link below:

Shanghai Langyi

“We are dedicated to working on soil improvement, organic farming, edible landscaping and ecological education to contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture.”


“We are an innovative social enterprise focusing on young people's environmental education. We work towards a triple bottom line, with the mission of developing awareness, forming good habits and building a new model for sustainable development. We also provide eco study tours and additional products like stationery, custom gifts, and fashion items.”

Le Blue River Theatre Studio

“We are the first to promote drama thinking in China. As a social enterprise and practitioner, Le Blue River Theatre serves the community through providing original theatre workshops and community stage dramas, helping them explore solutions to build a better community, as well as promoting the integration of all walks of life.”


“We are becoming China’s largest comprehensive service provider with a mission to create employment for disabled people through applying internet and high technology. We have built ten employment bases around the west, south and north of China, and provided training for over 1000 disabled person. It was co-founded in 2017, originated from the Zhongke Hope Group under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”

Changsha Diyi Social Rescue Center

“We provide a needs assessment and service for people in the local area. We aid the homeless and work on building lifeline protection for those struggling to thrive.”

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